Lake Oloiden Flamingo Camping site

Team Building
Lake Oloiden flamingo campsite is an ideal venue for all your team-building activities. We offer
affordable packages for all companies/corporates who need a serene environment for their
team-building games and activities. Our flexibility is unmatched when it comes to
customizing a package that works for any sort of group. Contact us today for your customized
package with one of the best-voted team builders in Kenya.

Nature Walk
Lamara Tourism also offers slow-paced guided walks through conservancies and nature
trails around the area to allow you and your friends to soak in nature as much as possible.
Unlike the chaotic city life, there are a lot of scenic routes around Lake Oloiden Campsite
that we can guide you through to assist you to rejuvenate and take photos of all the nature and
serene environment.

Bird Watching
Other than an abundance of wildlife, Naivasha has lots of birdlife as well. Naivasha and the
overall lake Oloiden bordering Lake Naivasha have well over 450 species of birds which
makes this area a paradise for bird watchers. To experience this to the maximum, you can
also take a boat ride at the lake to see and take photos of as many species as possible.

Sport Fishing
Recreational fishing for pleasure or competition is one of the experiences that has become a
hit in Lake Lake Oloiden. Get in touch with our team for additional details as well as pricing as
you reserve a date to enjoy this among other experiences at Oloiden Flamingo Camp with
Lamara Tourism.

With manicured lawns and such scenic views at the camp, this is one of the most loved
activities by couples and families. The simplicity and value you derive from this is beyond
amazing. We offer a lot of flexible and affordable packages for small groups like a group of
friends or a family and big groups e.g., corporates.
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