Why choose Kenya for your African Safari and Camping…

Jambo! And Karibu, as you make plans for your maiden African safari, or a camping safari I know you will need to consider from over 50 countries. Kenya will always come at the top of the list. And it’s for a good reason. Kenya will offer you all you will ever wish for a perfect vacation. According to the Telegraph, you will find 18 reasons why Kenya is considered the top vacation destination in Africa.

Here are 11 Top Reasons:

  • High Density & Assorted Wildlife Experiences In National Parks and game reserves including the Big 5

  • The Great Wildebeest Migration in the world; The Masai Mara

  • World renown White beaches, along the Kenya Coast

  • The great Rift Valley lakes and the Expansive Savanna

  • World-Class Birding At Kenya’s Great bird species

  • Cultures Diversity; Enlightening & Experiences With Kenya’s Fascinating People

  • White Sand Beaches barefoot To Kenya’s Turquoise Waters, And Isolated Islands

  • Immerse Yourself In Kenya’s Underwater World

  • Discover Ancient Artifacts From The Oldest Humans on the planet

  • Kenya – An Unrivalled Land easy entry in Africa and great weather throughout the year

  • Kenya Is Perfect In Every conceivable way; Safari camping and white beaches all in one safari

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