Mount Kilimanjaro

The name Kilimanjaro is a mystery and is thought to mean ‘Mountain of Light’ or ‘Mountain of Greatness’. No one is quite sure, but what is not under dispute is that Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,895m/19,341ft is the highest peak on the African continent and tallest freestanding mountain on earth. It is undoubtedly one of the continent’s most magnificent sights, rising up in splendid isolation from the plains below. Located virtually on the equator, this volcano seems so out of place with its snow-capped peak dwarfing the distant rift valley. It would be wrong to come to Tanzania and not spend some time appreciating this grand old mountain that forms the roof of Africa. You can climb its legendary slopes in the hope of standing atop Uhuru Peak – the highest point on the African continent – or simply gaze and photograph its majesty, as it presides over the plains and parks below.