Serengeti National Park

First-and-foremost is Serengeti National Park – one of the most popular protected areas in all of Africa. Encompassing 14,763km2/5,700mi2 and making up 50% of the wider Serengeti–Mara ecosystem, this is an iconic wildlife area. Sensational scenery dominated by expansive savannah grasslands and peppered with distinctive flattop acacias and Balanites trees make this the most picturesque landscape in all of Africa. Throw in 1.5 million wildebeest, 300,000 zebra and 400,000 gazelles and you have a wildlife spectacle second to none. The Serengeti and its surrounding protected area offer a wide variety of safari accommodations and experiences to suit most budgets. Your budget might incorporate the lower-priced offerings of Ikona Wildlife Management Area or stretch to incorporate a visit to the luxurious lodges within the exclusive Singita Grumeti concessions of the western corridor.